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Omega Gold for Horses is a very simple yet very effective product. It is quite simply Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil. We have all recently heard somewhere in the news about the benefits of using cold pressed rapeseed oil in our diets, as it is the healthiest oil around. Well the same benefits that are there for us are there for our Horses. Omega Gold for Horses naturally contains omega 3 and 6 in the correct balance, both are very important to your horses. It also naturally contains vitamin E, which helps the horse utilise the essential fatty acids. For more information on the science behind Omega Gold for Horses please visit our technical page.

Our oil is all grown and harvested in the UK and is entirely sustainable. As well as giving your horses the calories they require with out feeding cereals, it will give them an extra shine, a boost in performance and the knowledge that you are helping them in the long term as well. This really is the new generation feed oil, an oil for all the family.

New Year News


Happy new year to you all, hope everyone has managed to get a good rest over the Christmas period and haven’t over indulged too much, - I have definitely over indulged over Christmas on the food and alcohol and the amount of chocolates we seem to have received this year seems masses – the quandary being do you devour them until they are gone and then go on a strict diet or do you pace yourself and eat them over a couple of months.  As I have no will power generally they disappear fast and I am now on a fitness regime before I go on holiday, throwing myself down a snowy mountain with some skis attached to my feet.  A friend didn’t want their cross trainer so we have it installed now at our home and so I am trying to be good and try to use it 4 or 5 times a week and have set myself that when we return from holiday that it will still be used to make me fitter for riding purposes mixed in with some Pilates – I’ll let you know if that new year’s resolution makes it to the summer.

All the rape crops are looking really well going through the winter months we are just on the lookout for pesky pigeons and hope they do not start to munch their way through the crop and cause too much damage, hopefully the crop is now far enough on that they will stay off it. 

With the cost of feed and hay prices increasing for horse owners don’t forget that by utilising oil within your horse’s feed this can provide them with some extra calories and energy thus enabling you to potentially reduce the amount of hard feed given (dependant on horse, work load, condition).  At this time of year horses are often stabled more and so do not have the benefit of accessing grass for their supply of Omega 3 so their diet may become slightly inclined to be higher in Omega 6 by adding Lincoln Omega Gold to their diet will you help to manage a more balanced intake of Omega 3 and 6 within your horses diet.  (For more details on the importance of balanced Omega 3 & 6 visit our Technical Information )